The 8 Worst Things to Spill on Your Carpet

Carpet is one of the favorite floor material of almost all homeowners because of the benefits it provides to them. It is soft, warm, and it can even reduce the noises you make with your feet. This is why either you are in a fancy hotel, grand mansion, or even in a simple residential house, the carpet floor is in-demand.  

The only problem with carpets is the maintenance and the cleaning it needs to maintain its quality, cleanliness, and beauty. Of course, there are many ways to alleviate exhaustion. You can either use a vacuum cleaner with some DIY cleaning solutions or hire carpet cleaning in Victorville. Both ways are effective and okay. The only thing you need to avoid are the spills that may cause permanent damage on your carpet, and these are the following: 

1.Bleach stains 

Bleach is an effective cleaning solution and at the same time a very efficient disinfectant. However, when a bleaching solution is directly spilled on your carpet, it creates a white stain that cannot be removed by anything, and so there is nothing you can do about it. Contact a professional carpet cleaning company when this happens.  


When injuries happen and someone gets wounded, the first reaction would be to have first aid for wound treatment, and less concern is given to the blood spilled on the carpet floor. As a result, the bloodstain thickens and now it is difficult to remove. Unlike the bleach, stains can be removed through a laundry cleaner and water.  

3.Nail Polish 

Once you spill a nail polish on your carpet, it is nearly impossible to remove the stains. You will need to call an expert to consult this, or better, avoid spilling nail polish on your carpet.  

4.Tomato stains 

Tomato stains are among the red stains you should not avoid on your carpet floor as they are difficult to get rid of and can be very visible on the surface. To remove the stain, you will need to get a paper towel and blot the stain (avoid rubbing on the stain as it spreads the particles). After this, clean with a mild carpet cleaner to remove the remaining stain although removing all the stain will be impossible. 

5.Coffee stains 

Coffee stains are among the common stains that are seen on the carpet floor, probably because most people like to sip some coffee in the morning or at night. Once stained with coffee, your carpet may not just experience difficult stains but may also develop other damages that are irreversible. Contact a professional service when you notice that your carpet has been stained with a lot of coffee stains.  

Final thoughts 

Your carpet needs to be maintained and it requires not just regular cleaning but also preventive measures to void staining it in the first place. When you are uncertain of what to do, you always have the option to call for a professional service to help you deal with these difficult carpet stains.